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Advantage Online Highlights
Online Program
  • Your data is regularly backed up
  • No need to struggle with program installations
  • No installation disks, CDs or license keys to loose
  • The newest version is always available without upgrading
  • Access your business even when you're away
  • New or upgraded computers require no setup
  • Secure login is available
  • Create categories for sorting
  • Save pictures with items
  • Calculate per item prices
  • Projects join multiple items into a new item
  • Calculate project prices
  • Add or remove accounts
  • View account summaries
  • Create purchases - multiple transactions viewed together
  • Create categories to sort sales
  • Enter items manually or select from inventory
  • Calculate sale total and taxes automatically
  • Create e-mail or printable invoices
  • Receive payments (save to Accounts)
  • View sale reports
  • View customer or supplier summary (sales, amount spent)
  • View sale and payment details for each customer
  • Customer and Supplier available in Sales and Purchases
Optional Applications
Form Data
  • Your HTML form data can be viewed and managed
  • Form submission can be handled by Advantage Online

Document Management

  • Save any type of file for easy retrieval
  • Useful tree view for easy sorting of documents
  • Notes with formatting can be attached

Time Tracking

  • Create projects and categories for time entry
  • Create your own time periods
  • Create printed or e-mailed time sheets

Expense Reporting

  • Create categories for expenses
  • Expenses can be entered directly or calculated (i.e. mileage)
  • Create printed reports

Point of Sale

  • Includes Point of Sale Feature - Totals, Tax, Change Due...
  • Works with bar code scanners
  • Configurable to fit your needs

Offsite Backups

  • Backups of your home/office PC can be run automatically
  • Backup files can be saved to your Advantage Online account
  • Backups can be retrieved whenever necessary
  • Check the status of backups using Advantage Online


  • View your personal calendar from your main page
  • Add reminders of payments or sales to your calendar
  • View handy messages
  • Create notes - Notes can be associated with Customers or Accounts
  • Save notes to be viewed on your main page
  • Save attachments with your notes

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